Moose-like sugar for Class::Tiny


Class::Tiny::Antlers provides Moose-like has, extends, with, before, after and around keywords for Class::Tiny. (The with keyword requires Role::Tiny; method modifiers require Class::Method::Modifiers.)

Class::Tiny doesn't support all Moose's attribute options; has should throw you an error if you try to do something it doesn't support (like triggers).

Class::Tiny::Antlers does however hack in support for is => 'ro' and Moo-style is => 'rwp', clearers and predicates.

From version 0.24, Class::Tiny::Antlers also adds support for `isa` and `coerce` using Type::Tiny. (I mean, this is a TOBYINK module, so what do you expect?!) Technically MooseX::Types, MouseX::Types, Specio, and Type::Nano should work, but these are less tested.

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