module to load configuration from different file formats


Config::Any provides a facility for Perl applications and libraries to load configuration data from multiple different file formats. It supports XML, YAML, JSON, Apache-style configuration, Windows INI files, and even Perl code.

The rationale for this module is as follows: Perl programs are deployed on many different platforms and integrated with many different systems. Systems administrators and end users may prefer different configuration formats than the developers. The flexibility inherent in a multiple format configuration loader allows different users to make different choices, without generating extra work for the developers. As a developer you only need to learn a single interface to be able to use the power of different configuration formats.

Modules/packages (in Recommends) needed for specific file formats:

 * ".cnf", ".conf" files: Config::General / libconfig-general-perl
 * ".ini" files: Config::Tiny / libconfig-tiny-perl
 * ".json", ".jsn" files: Cpanel::JSON::XS, JSON::MaybeXS, JSON::DWIW,
   JSON::XS, JSON::Syck, JSON::PP, JSON / libcpanel-json-xs-perl or
   libjson-maybexs-perl or libjson-xs-perl or libjson-pp-perl (also provided
   by perl) or libjson-perl
 * ".pl", ".perl" files: no additional requirements
 * ".xml" files: XML::Simple / libxml-simple-perl
 * ".yml", ".yaml" files: YAML::XS, YAML::Syck, YAML / libyaml-libyaml-perl
   or libyaml-syck-perl or libyaml-perl

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