custom platypus type for dealing with C enumerated types


FFI::Platypus::Type::Enum type plugin is a helper for making enumerated types. It makes the most sense to use this when you have an enumerated type with a small number of possible values. For a large set of enumerated values or constants, see: FFI::Platypus::Constant.

This type plugin has two modes:


 In string mode, string representations of the enum values are converted into
 the integer enum values when passed into C, and the enums are converted back
 into strings when coming from C back into Perl. You can also pass in the
 integer values.


 In constant mode, constants are defined in the specified package, and with
 the optional prefix. The string representation or integer constants can be
 passed into C, but the integer constants are returned from C back into Perl.

 In both modes, if you attempt to pass in a value that isn't one of the
 possible enum values, an exception will be thrown.

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