Perl module to parse long function arguments


The Getargs::Long module allows usage of named parameters in function calls, along with optional argument type-checking. It provides an easy way to get at the parameters within the routine, and yields concise descriptions for the common cases of all-mandatory and all-optional parameter lists.

The validation of arguments can be done by a structure-driven routine getargs() which is fine for infrequently called routines (but should be slower), or via a dedicated routine created and compiled on the fly the first time it is needed, by using the cgetargs() family (expected to be faster).

The Log::Agent module is used to report errors, which leaves to the application the choice of the final logging method: to a file, to STDERR, or to syslog.

Note that this module is still in the alpha stage of development, and the interface to it may change: indeed, it changed between 0.1.2 and 0.1.3.

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