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useful set of widgets for creating GUI's for GTK+

useful set of widgets for creating GUI's for GTK+
from version 3.1.1-2


The library includes the following widgets:

GtkSheet, a matrix widget; GtkPlot, which allows you to draw high quality scientific plots; the package also includes GtkPlot3D and GtkPlotPolar; GtkPlotCanvas is a GtkFixed subclass and allows you to DnD plots etc. The distribution includes also a PostScript driver. GtkIconList, which allows you to display a table of xpm icons; GtkDirTree, which allows you to navigate the file-system; GtkFileList which displays the contents of a given directory using fancy icons for different types of files; GtkIconFileSelection, a file selection dialog using icons; GtkItemEntry, a GtkEntry subclass; GtkFontCombo, providing two combos to select among the 35 standard Adobe PostScript fonts; GtkComboBox, which allows you can pack whatever you want, from a calendar to a clist; GtkColorCombo, to pickup the color you like the most, within a palette; GtkBorderCombo, a fancy GtkComboBox subclass; GtkCheckItem, a GtkCheckButton hack with the look and feel of the Redmond95 theme.

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