Utitilies for communicating with iPhone and other Apple devices


This package contains various utilities to interact with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices, like:

 - idevice_id: List attached devices or print device name of given device
 - idevicebackup: Create or restore backup for devices (legacy)
 - idevicebackup2: Create or restore backups for devices running iOS 4 or
 - idevicecrashreport: Retrieve crash reports from a device
 - idevicedate: Display the current date or set it on a device
 - idevicedebug: Interact with the debugserver service of a device
 - idevicedebugserverproxy: Proxy a debugserver connection from a device for
   remote debugging
 - idevicediagnostics: Interact with the diagnostics interface of a device
 - ideviceenterrecovery: Make a device enter recovery mode
 - ideviceimagemounter: Mount disk images on the device
 - ideviceinfo: Show information about a connected device
 - idevicename: Display or set the device name
 - idevicenotificationproxy: Post or observe notifications on a device
 - idevicepair: Manage host pairings with devices and usbmuxd
 - ideviceprovision: Manage provisioning profiles on a device
 - idevicescreenshot: Gets a screenshot from the connected device
 - idevicesetlocation: Simulate location on device
 - idevicesyslog: Relay syslog of a connected device

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