IMAP client interface with lots of features


Mail::IMAPTalk communicates with an IMAP server. Each IMAP server command is mapped to a method of this object.

Although other IMAP modules exist on CPAN, this has several advantages over other modules.
 * It parses the more complex IMAP structures like envelopes and body
   structures into nice Perl data structures
 * It correctly supports atoms, quoted strings and literals at any point.
   Some parsers in other modules aren't fully IMAP compatiable and may
   break at odd times with certain messages on some servers
 * It allows large return values (eg. attachments on a message) to be read
   directly into a file, rather than into memory
 * It includes some helper functions to find the actual text/plain or
   text/html part of a message out of a complex MIME structure. It also
   can find a list of attachements, and CID links for HTML messages with.
   attached images
 * It supports decoding of MIME headers to Perl utf-8 strings
   automatically, so you don't have to deal with MIME encoded headers
   (enabled optionally)

While the IMAP protocol does allow for asynchronous running of commands, this module is designed to be used in a synchronous manner.

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