module to manipulate NxN matrices of real numbers


Math::MatrixReal implements the data type "matrix of reals" (and consequently also "vector of reals") which can be used almost like any other basic Perl type thanks to operator overloading.

It features many important operations and methods: matrix norm, matrix transposition, matrix inverse, determinant of a matrix, order and numerical condition of a matrix, scalar product of vectors, vector product of vectors, vector length, projection of row and column vectors, a comfortable way for reading in a matrix from a file, the keyboard or your code, and many more.

It allows one to solve linear equation systems using an efficient algorithm known as "L-R-decomposition" and several approximative (iterative) methods.

It features an implementation of Kleene's algorithm to compute the minimal costs for all paths in a graph with weighted edges (the "weights" being the costs associated with each edge).

Finally, it allows one to solve the eigensystem of a real symmetric matrix, using Householder transformation and QL decomposition.

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