input and output messages to ZeroMQ


Message::Passing::ZeroMQ is a ZeroMQ transport for Message::Passing.

Designed for use as a log transport and aggregation mechanism for perl applications, allowing you to aggregate structured and non-structured log messages across the network in a non-blocking manner.

Clients (i.e. users of the Message::Passing::Output::ZeroMQ class) connect to a server (i.e. a user of the Message::Passing::Input::ZeroMQ class) via ZeroMQ's pub/sub sockets. These are setup to be lossy and non-blocking, meaning that if the log-receiver process is down or slow, then the application will queue a small (and configurable) amount of logs on its side, and after that log messages will be dropped.

Whilst throwing away log messages isn't a good thing to do, or something that you want to happen regularly, in many (especially web application) contexts, network logging being a single point of failure is not acceptable from a reliability and graceful degradation standpoint.

The application grinding to a halt as a non-essential centralised resource is unavailable (e.g. the log aggregation server) is significantly less acceptable than the loss of non-essential logging data.

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