MANIFEST.SKIP management for Perl modules


Module::Manifest::Skip is mostly intended for module packaging frameworks to share a common, up-to-date "MANIFEST.SKIP" base. For example, Module::Install::ManifestSkip, uses this module to get the actual SKIP content. However this module may be useful for any module author.

CPAN module authors use a MANIFEST.SKIP file to exclude certain well known files from getting put into a generated MANIFEST file, which would cause them to go into the final distribution package.

The packaging tools try to automatically skip things for you, but if you add one of your own entries, you have to add all the common ones yourself. This module attempts to make all of this boring process as simple and reliable as possible.

Module::Manifest::Skip can create or update a MANIFEST.SKIP file for you. You can add your own entries, and it will leave them alone. You can even tell it to not skip certain entries that it normally skips, although this is rarely needed.

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