Java library to embed graphics as vector drawing in a PDF


Using this library one can use any Graphics2D API based SVG / graph / chart library to embed those graphics as vector drawing in a PDF. In combination with PDFBox PDFRenderer/PageDrawer one can also "rerender" PDF pages and change certain aspects (e.g. change the color mapping and perform an overfill) .

The following features are supported:

 * Drawing any shape using draw...() and fill...() methods from
 * Drawing images. The default is to always lossless compress them. One
   could plugin one's own Image -> PDImageXObject conversion if one wants
   to encode the images as jpeg.
 * All BasicStroke attributes.
 * Paint:
    - Color. One can specify one's own color mapping implementation to
      special map the (RGB) colors to PDColor. Beside using CMYK colors
      one can also use spot colors.
    - GradientPaint, LinearGradientPaint and RadialGradientPaint. There
      are some restrictions.
    - TexturePaint.
 * Drawing text. By default all text is drawn as vector shapes, so no
   fonts are embedded. RTL languages are supported. It's possible to use
   fonts, but this loses some features (especially RTL support) and one
   must provide the TTF files of the fonts if the default PDF fonts are
   not enough.

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