ROCm library for sparse linear algebra - library


rocSPARSE is a library that implements BLAS operations for sparse data structures. It is built on the AMD ROCm platform and optimized for discrete AMD GPUs.

rocSPARSE provides a C99 API containing sparse level 1, sparse level 2 and sparse level 3 BLAS functions, as well as general matrix multiplication between dense and sparse matricies (GEMMI), sparse preconditioner functions, sparse matrix format conversion functions, and sparse matrix reordering functions.

It supports a variety of sparse matrix formats, including coordinate list in either array of structure form (COO) or structure of array form (COO SOA), compressed sparse row (CSR) or column (CSC), block compressed sparse row (BSR), general block compressed sparse row (GEBSR), and the ELLPACK-ITPACK format (ELL).

This package provides the AMD ROCm rocSPARSE library.

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