Enhanced throw and catch library for Clojure


Slingshot is a Clojure library providing enhanced throw and catch replacements try+ and throw+.

Each is 100% compatible with Clojure's and Java's native try and throw both in source code and at runtime. Each also provides new capabilities intended to improve ease of use by leveraging Clojure's features like maps, records, and destructuring. Among them:

   * throw+ can throw any Java object, not just those whose class is derived
     from java.lang.Throwable (e.g. Clojure maps or records)

   * catch clauses within try+ can catch any Java object thrown by throw+,
     Clojure's throw, or Java's throw

   * selectors in catch clauses allow matching on class name, key-value
     vectors, predicates and more

   * Information about the context of a throw site is accessible via a hidden
     argument that includes information on, for example, the caught object,
     exception messages and stack traces

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