new and improved test harness with better Test2 integration


App::Yath (Yet Another Test Harness) is an alternative to App::Prove, and Test2::Harness is an alternative to Test::Harness. It is not designed to replace Test::Harness/prove. Test2::Harness is designed to take full advantage of the rich data Test2 can provide. Test2::Harness is also able to use non-core modules and provide more functionality than prove can achieve with its restrictions.

Test2::Harness is the backend code that handles running/processing the tests. In general a user will not use it directly, instead you should probably be looking at App::Yath which is the UI layer built around Test2::Harness.

To use Test2::Harness, you use the yath command. Yath will find the tests (or use the ones you specify) and run them. As it runs, it will output diagnostic information such as failures. At the end, yath will print a summary of the test run.

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