collection of dispensing visitor objects for Tree::Simple


The Tree::Simple::VisitorFactory module contains a number of visitor objects which can perform various tasks on Tree::Simple objects.

The following visitors are included:
 * PathToRoot: find the path back to the tree's root node
 * FindByPath: find the node specified by a path
 * FindByUID: find the node with the same UID
 * FindByNodeValue: find the node with the same node value
 * BreadthFirstTraversal: implements a breadth-first traversal
 * PostOrderTraversal: implements a post-order traversal
 * PreOrderTraversal: implements a pre-order traversal
 * LoadDirectoryTree: load a directory tree into a Tree::Simple hierarchy
 * CreateDirectoryTree: create a set of directories and files from a
   Tree::Simple hierarchy
 * FromNestedArray: create a Tree::Simple hierarchy from nested arrays
 * ToNestedArray: create a nested array construct from a Tree::Simple hierarchy
 * Tree::Simple::Visitor::VariableDepthClone: clone parts of Tree hierarchies
 * FromNestedHash: create a Tree::Simple hierarchy from nested hashes
 * ToNestedHash: create a nested hash construct from a Tree::Simple hierarchy
 * LoadClassHierarchy: create a Tree::Simple hierarchy which models the classes
   inheritance hierarchy
 * GetAllDescendents: return all the descendents recursively on down the
 * Sort: implements a multi-level sort of a Tree::Simple hierarchy

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