Read/write EMF, EMF+, WMF files (shared library)


libUEMF is a portable C99 implementation for reading/writing Enhanced Metafile (EMF), Enhanced Metafile Format Plus (PMF), and Windows Metafile (WMF) files. libUEMF avoids collisions with Microsoft defined functions and values, so portable programs which use it and have a Windows version, do not require any conditional logic to separate the native GDI support from the WMF/EMF/PMF support provided by libUEMF. To accomplish this libUEMF does not implement GDI calls. Instead, for each WMR/EMR/PMR record type, and each object type incorporated into such a record, it provides corresponding *_set, *_print, and *_swap functions. For PMF and WMF there are also *_get functions, see below. For example, for the U_EMRBITBLT record there are corresponding functions: U_EMRBITBLT_set, U_EMRBITBLT_print, and U_EMRBITBLT_swap. A few additional functions are provided for assembling the EMF in memory, debugging, and converting the EMF file to/from Little Endian representation. (EMF files' internal data representation is always Little Endian.)

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