miscellaneous X11::Protocol helpers


X11::Protocol::Other provides some miscellaneous extras and helpers for X11::Protocol. Modules provided are:

 - X11::Protocol::Other - misc helpers
 - X11::Protocol::ChooseWindow - user click on window
 - X11::Protocol::GrabServer - oop block scope server grab
 - X11::Protocol::WM - window manager things
 - X11::Protocol::XSetRoot - set root window background
 - X11::AtomConstants - atoms
 - X11::CursorFont - cursor names
 - Encode::X11 - compound text encode/decode
 - X11::Protocol::Ext::Composite - obscured window content
 - X11::Protocol::Ext::DAMAGE - window/pixmap content changes
 - X11::Protocol::Ext::DOUBLE_BUFFER - off-screen swapped drawing
 - X11::Protocol::Ext::MIT_SCREEN_SAVER - external screen saver
 - X11::Protocol::Ext::MIT_SHM - images through shared memory
 - X11::Protocol::Ext::MIT_SUNDRY_NONSTANDARD - old bug mode
 - X11::Protocol::Ext::TOG_CUP - colormap helpers
 - X11::Protocol::Ext::XFree86_DGA - direct video RAM access
 - X11::Protocol::Ext::XFIXES - various regions, cursors, selection events
 - - multiple monitors as one big screen
 - X11::Protocol::Ext::X_Resource - server usage statistics

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