easier tree style for XML::Parser


XML::Parser::EasyTree adds a new "built-in" style called "EasyTree" to XML::Parser. Like XML::Parser's "Tree" style, setting this style causes the parser to build a lightweight tree structure representing the XML document. This structure is, at least in this author's opinion, easier to work with than the one created by the built-in style.

When the parser is invoked with the EasyTree style, it returns a reference to an array of tree nodes, each of which is a hash reference. All nodes have a 'type' key whose value is the type of the node: 'e' for element nodes, 't' for text nodes, and 'p' for processing instruction nodes. All nodes also have a 'content' key whose value is a reference to an array holding the element's child nodes for element nodes, the string value for text nodes, and the data value for processing instruction nodes. Element nodes also have an 'attrib' key whose value is a reference to a hash of attribute names and values. Processing instructions also have a 'target' key whose value is the PI's target.

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