reclaim disk space by removing unneeded localizations


This package provides a script to recover disk space wasted for unneeded locales, GNOME/KDE localizations and localized man pages. Depending on the installation, it is possible to save hundreds of megabytes of disk space taken up by localization you will most probably never have any use for. It is run automatically upon completion of any APT installation actions.

This tool is a hack which is *not* integrated with the system's package management system and therefore is not for the faint of heart. Its interference can provoke strange, but usually harmless, behavior in programs related to apt/dpkg, such as dpkg-repack, reportbug, etc. Responsibility for its usage and possible breakage of the system therefore lies in the system administrator's hands.

Please do abstain from reporting any such bugs blaming localepurge if you break the system by using it. If you don't know what you are doing and can't handle any resulting breakage, you should not install this package.

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