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portable Computer Algebra System (CAS)

An interactive session in GNOME Terminal
An interactive session in GNOME Terminal
from version 15.1.1-1
portable Computer Algebra System (CAS)
from version 14.5.3-1


Mathomatic implements most of the rules of algebra for the mathematical operators +, -, *, /, % (modulus), and power (including roots).

Mathomatic can symbolically:

 * combine and solve equations,
 * completely simplify and compare expressions and equations,
 * do simple calculus transformations and series,
 * do standard, complex number, modular, and polynomial arithmetic,
 * generate optimized C, Java, and Python language code from
   simplified equations,
 * plot expressions with gnuplot in two or three dimensions,
 * do quick calculations, colorize expressions, etc.


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