Material Design theme for MkDocs


Create a branded static site from a set of Markdown files to host the documentation of your Open Source or commercial project – customizable, searchable, mobile-friendly, 40+ languages. Set up in 5 minutes.


  * It's just Markdown — write your technical documentation in plain Markdown –
    no need to know HTML, JavaScript, or CSS. Material for MkDocs will do the
    heavy lifting and convert your writing to a beautiful and functional

  * Responsive by design — built from the ground up to work on all sorts of
    devices – from mobile phones to widescreens. The underlying fluid layout
    will always adapt perfectly to the available screen space.

  * Static, yet searchable — almost magically, your technical documentation
    website will be searchable without any further ado. Material for MkDocs
    comes with built-in search – no server needed – that will instantly answer
    your users' queries.

  * Many configuration options — change the color palette, font families,
    language, icons, favicon and logo. Add a source repository link, links to
    your social profiles, Google Analytics and Disqus - all with a few lines of

  * Truly international — thanks to many contributors, Material for MkDocs
    includes translations for more than 40 languages and offers full native RTL
    uright-to-left) support for languages such as Arabic, Persian (Farsi) and

  * Accessible — Material for MkDocs provides extensible keyboard navigation
    and semantic markup including role attributes and landmarks. Furthermore,
    the layout is entirely based on rem values, respecting the user's default
    font size.

  * Beyond GitHub Markdown — integrates natively with Python Markdown
    Extensions, offering additional elements like callouts, tabbed content
    containers, mathematical formulas, critic markup, task lists, and emojis.

  * Modern architecture — Material for MkDocs's underlying codebase is built
    with TypeScript, RxJS, and SCSS, and is compiled with Webpack, bringing
    excellent possibilities for theme extension and customization.

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