virtual machine for Rakudo Perl 6 and NQP


Short for "Metamodel On A Runtime", MoarVM is a modern virtual machine built for the Rakudo Raku (formerly Perl 6) compiler and the NQP Compiler Toolchain. MoarVM is used by the majority of Raku programmers.

Highlights include:
 * Great Unicode support, with strings represented at grapheme level
 * Dynamic analysis of running code to identify hot functions and loops,
   and perform a range of optimizations, including type specialization
   and inlining
 * Support for threads, a range of concurrency control constructs,
   and asynchronous sockets, timers, processes, and more
 * Generational, parallel, garbage collection
 * Support for numerous language features, including first class
   functions, exceptions, continuations, runtime loading of code,
   big integers and interfacing with native libraries

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