Toolchain for WebAssembly


This package includes: webassemblyjs - WebAssembly interpreter, implements the W3C WebAssembly API. and the following modules under @webassembly name space.

ast - AST utils for webassemblyjs cli - Toolbox for WebAssembly dce - Eliminate unused functions in your WASM binary eslint-plugin-webassembly - ESLint plugin for WebAssembly. floating-point-hex-parser - Parser function for floating point hexadecimals. helper-buffer - Buffer manipulation helpers helper-fsm - FSM implementation helper-wasm-bytecode - Constants for the wasm format helper-wasm-section - Section manipulation helpers leb128 - LEB128 decoding repl - WebAssembly REPL. validation - Module AST validations wasm-edit - Replace in-place an AST node in the binary. wasm-gen - WebAssembly binary format printer wasm-opt - WASM optimizer wasm-parser - WebAssembly binary format parser wasm-strip - Strips custom sections (deprecated, use wabt instead) wast-loader - Webpack loader for WebAssembly text format wast-parser - WebAssembly text format parser wast-printer - WebAssembly text format printer wast-refmt - WAST refmt

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