Dietary nutrition analysis software


NUTsqlite uses the USDA database and stores this along with your personal data in a portable SQLite database allowing you to perform analysis and plan for your nutrition. Features include:

 * The complete USDA database, your personal data, and the program code all
   stored in a portable SQLite database
 * Foods easy to find and add to daily meals
 * Configurable for 1-19 meals per day and any dietary plan--including
   ketogenic, low carb, zone, low fat
 * Comprehensive meal analysis for any number of consecutive meals
 * Presents both easy-to-read percentage summaries and in-depth nutrient
   analysis, including Omega-3 and Omega-6 essential fatty acids
 * Foods can be weighed in grams or ounces
 * Includes novel meal planning feature: you choose the food, NUT adjusts the
   quantities to your plan
 * Calorie Auto-Set feature uses linear regression on daily scale measurements
   of weight and body fat percentage to find optimal calorie level for
   improved body composition
 * Allows recording of recipes and customary meals for fast data entry
 * Sorts foods richest in each of the 150 nutrients
 * Reveals which foods contribute most to user's nutrition

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