cryptographic library for EAC version 2 (tools)


OpenPACE implements Extended Access Control (EAC) version 2 as specified in BSI TR-03110. OpenPACE comprises support for the following protocols:

 * Password Authenticated Connection Establishment (PACE)
 * Terminal Authentication (TA)
 * Chip Authentication (CA)

OpenPACE also supports Card Verifiable Certificates (CV Certificates) and signing requests as well as easy to use wrappers for using the established secure channels.

OpenPACE supports all variants of PACE (DH/ECDH, GM/IM), TA (RSASSA-PKCS1-v1_5/RSASSA-PSS/ECDSA), CA (DH/ECDH) and all standardised domain parameters (GFP/ECP).

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