Standard installation of pcb-rnd


pcb-rnd is a highly modular PCB (Printed Circuit Board) layout tool with a rich set of plugins for communicating with various external design tools and other EDA/CAD packages.

Feature highlights:
  - subcircuits, pad stacks
  - flexible footprint model; unrestricted pad shapes
  - arbitrary copper, silk, paste and soldermask objects
  - sophisticated, flexible layer model
  - flexible/universal polygon model
  - any object, even polygons, can have a clearance within a polygon
  - advanced mil and mm grid, with support for mixed unit design
  - strong CLI support
  - static footprints and parametric (generated) footprints
  - query language for advanced search & select
  - powerful, user scriptable, modular Design Rule Checker (DRC)
  - layout optimizers such as teardrops and a trace puller
  - footprint library from local file systems, HTTP and board files
  - netlist management: imported and as-built; back annotation

File formats and compatibility:
  - text based, tree structured native file format (lihata)
  - import board:
    * Altium PcbDoc ASCII board
    * autotrax PCB board, version 4
    * autotrax PCB board, version 5
    * dsn board
    * eagle xml board version 6, 7, 8
    * eagle binary board version 3, 4, 5
    * hyperlynx board, version 2 and above
    * kicad board, version 3, 4 and 5 (s-expr)
    * lihata pcb-rnd board (any version)
    * PADS ASCII board
    * gEDA/PCB .pcb board (any version up to 2017)
  - export board:
    * anonimized board statistics in lihata
    * autotrax PCB board, version 4
    * specctra dsn board
    * hyperlynx board, version 2.0
    * kicad board, version 3 (s-expr)
    * kicad pcbnew-board, version 1 (legacy plain text format)
    * lihata pcb-rnd board (any version)
    * PADS ASCII board
    * gEDA/PCB .pcb board (various version up to 2017)
  - import footprint:
    * BXL footprints
    * eagle xml footprint lib .lbr (as board)
    * eagle xml footprint lib .lbr (as footprint)
    * eagle binary footprint lib (as board)
    * lihata pcb-rnd footprint (any version)
    * Mentor Graphics cell footprints
    * gEDA/PCB .fp footprints
    * tEDAx footprint (any version)
  - export footprint:
    * kicad module (s-expr, according to version 3)
    * kicad pcbnew-module (legacy plain text format)
    * lihata pcb-rnd footprint (any version)
    * gEDA/PCB .fp footprints
    * tEDAx footprint (any version)
  - import netlist:
    * Accel ASCII netlists + footprint info
    * calay (netlists + footprint info)
    * flat netlist from EDIF
    * freepcb netlist + footprint info
    * gEDA/gschem (netlist + footprint info, running gnetlist)
    * import ltspice .net and .asc (netlist and footprint info)
    * flat .edf (netlist+footprint, produced by Mentor Graphics Design Capture)
    * pcb-rnd action script (netlist + footprint info)
    * schematics import by running a commandline
    * netlist import by running a commandline
    * gEDA netlist (plain text, no footprint info)
    * Orcad PCB II (netlist + footprint info)
    * PADS ascii (.asc, netlists + footprint info)
    * Protel netlists 2.0 + footprint info
    * tinycad .net (netlists + footprint info)
    * eeschema netlist and footprint info
    * tEDAx netlist (any version)
  - export netlist:
    * tEDAx netlist (any version)
  - import image:
    * pixmap (e.g. png)
    * pnm (pixmap)
  - export image:
    * render in .png
    * render in .gif
    * render in .jpeg
    * render black&white postscript (single or multiple files)
    * render black&white or color embedded postscript (single file)
    * pro (projector: 3d rendering)
    * svg (Scalable Vector Graphics)
  - import misc:
    * HPGL plot (lines, arcs, polygons)
    * MUCS unixplot .pl (lines and vias)
    * ttf font
    * specctra .dsn (route result: wires and vias)
    * specctra .ses (route result: wires and vias)
    * eagle DRU (design rules)
    * lihata pcb-rnd font (any version)
    * gEDA/PCB font
    * tEDAx drc
    * tEDAx pcb-rnd drc script
  - export misc:
    * bom (Bill of Materials, text)
    * .dxf (2D drawing for mech CADs)
    * excellon drill/cnc (for PCB fabbing)
    * fidocad .fcd (partial export)
    * export gcode (for milling)
    * gerber for PCB fabbing
    * IPC-D-356 Netlist (for automated testing)
    * printer (using ps)
    * list of terminal connections (old, custom format)
    * OpenEMS (simulation, matlab files)
    * openscad script (colored 3D model)
    * stl (3d triangulated surface model)
    * amf (Additive Manufacturing File, surface model)
    * geda/PCB xy
    * gxyrs
    * Macrofab's pick&place
    * pick&place file for the TM220/TM240 device
    * KiCad .pos file
    * IPC-D-356 Netlist (from automated testing)
    * lihata pcb-rnd font (any version)
    * tEDAx etest
    * tEDAx drc
    * tEDAx pcb-rnd drc script

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