Pd library for working with patterns and numbers


cxc is a library of Pd objects for random numbers, number patterns and a couple errant system tools.

 * ixprint: print data on console without prefix (needed for ascwave)
 * binshift: binary shift objects (<<,>>)
 * ascseq: ascii-sequencer: input anything, which is output again
           sequentially character by character with a given delay
 * ascwave: print funny ascii constructions on console
 * bfilt: re-output every argumen-th event, useful for modulo-sequencers
 * bfilt2: features internal counter, output just bangs
 * cxc_counter: a clone of the counting object from pd-markex
 * reson: an interpolating reson filter
 * cxc_prepend: prepend stuff with another symbol
 * cxc_split: split incoming string at specified delimiter
 * utime: output seconds since epoch and microsecond fraction
 * random1, random_fl, random_icg, random_tw, dist_normal: PRNG algorithms
 * random1~, random_fl~, random_icg~: signal version of above algorithms
 * ENV: get and set environment variables and certain defines like RAND_MAX
 * proc: get stuff out of the Linux proc directory (so far:
         cpuinfo, loadavg, version, uptime)
 * delta~: emit distance to last sample as signal
 * cx.mean, cx.avgdev, cx.stddev: calculate mean, standard and average
                                  deviation of a signal in an array

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