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Pd library of GUI controls, synths, filters, and more


ggee is a library for Pure Data by Guenter Geiger with five sections: control, experimental, filters, gui, and signal.
 * objects for controlling things:, constant, rl, serial_ms, sl, getdir, rtout
   serial_mt, stripdir, inv, serial_bird, shell, unserialize, qread, serialize,
   sinh, unwonk
 * experimental synths:, fofsynth~, tabwrite4~, pvocfreq
 * objects for controlling filters:, bandpass, highpass, hlshelf, lowshelf,
   notch, equalizer, highshelf, lowpass, moog~
 * GUI objects:, button, fatom, image, sliderh, ticker, envgen, gcanvas,
   slider, state, toddle
 * manipulating signals:, atan2~, mixer~, sfwrite~, streamin~, streamout~


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