potpourri of Pd objects for synthesizing with audio


This Pd library is a potpourri of objects for working with audio created by Eric Lyon. Here is a listing of all the included objects:

 * adsr~ a simple ADSR envelope that can be click triggered
 * bashfest~ a click driven buffer player with randomized DSP
 * buffet~ provides operations on a stored buffer
 * bvplay~ selective playback from a stored buffer with enveloping and
   increment control
 * channel~ access to a precise address in the signal vector
 * chopper~ munging loop playback from a buffer
 * clean_selector~ like selector~ but crossfades when switching channels
 * click2float~ translates a signal click to a float message
 * clickhold~ sample and hold a click
 * distortion~ lookup function distortion
 * dmach~ pattern based sample accurate drum machine prototype
 * expflam~ converts a click to an exponential flam click pattern
 * flanjah~ simple flanger
 * granola~ granular pitch scaling
 * granulesf~ granular synthesis module reading from a soundfile in a buffer
 * granule~ granular synthesis module reading from a stored waveform in a
 * impulse~ converts a bang to a click
 * kbuffer~ low sampling rate buffer to capture gestures
 * killdc~ DC block filter
 * magfreq_analysis~ transforms a time domain signal to a magnitude/frequency
 * markov~ implements a first order Markov chain
 * mask~ a click driven pattern sequencer
 * oscil~ oscillator with flexible waveform specification
 * player~ click driven buffer player that can sustain multiple iterations
 * phasemod~ phase modulated waveform
 * pulser~ pulse wave generated by additive synthesis
 * rtrig~ generates random click triggers
 * samm~ sample accurate multiple metronomes, with click signal articulation
 * sigseq~ signal level numerical sequencer
 * stutter~ a basic buffer stuttering player
 * vdb~ a delay line using an MSP buffer for storage (no vector limit on
   feedback delaytime)
 * vdel~ a delay line with built in feedback and oscillator
 * vdp~ a more efficient pointer version of vd~
 * vd~ a simple, self -contained delay unit
 * waveshape~ a Chebychev function lookup waveshaper

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