PHP micro logging package


PHP 5.3+ micro logging class that can be extended via closures. Includes several pre-built handlers including file, mail, syslog, HTTP post, and MongoDB.

Analog also comes with over a dozen pre-written handlers in the Analog/Handlers folder, with examples for each in the examples folder. These include:

 - Amon - Send logs to the Amon server monitoring tool
 - Buffer - Buffer messages to send all at once (works with File, Mail,
   and Variable handlers)
 - ChromeLogger - Sends messages to Chrome Logger browser plugin
 - File - Append messages to a file
 - FirePHP - Send messages to FirePHP browser plugin
 - GELF - Send message to the Graylog2 log management server
 - LevelBuffer - Buffer messages and send only if sufficient error level
 - Mail - Send email notices
 - Mongo - Save to MongoDB collection
 - Multi - Send different log levels to different handlers
 - Null - Do nothing
 - Post - Send messages over HTTP POST to another machine
 - Stderr - Send messages to STDERR
 - Syslog - Send messages to syslog
 - Threshold - Only writes log messages above a certain threshold
 - Variable - Buffer messages to a variable reference.

So while it's a micro class, it's highly extensible and very capable out of the box too.

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