Show storage structure of varlena datatypes in PostgreSQL


This PostgreSQL extension exposes the internal storage structure of variable-length datatypes, called varlena.

The function pg_toastinfo describes the storage form of a datum:

 * null for NULLs
 * ordinary for non-varlena datatypes
 * short inline varlena for varlena values up to 126 bytes (1 byte header)
 * long inline varlena, (un)compressed for varlena values up to 1GiB
   (4 bytes header)
 * toasted varlena, (un)compressed for varlena values up to 1GiB stored in
   TOAST tables

The function pg_toastpointer returns a varlena's chunk_id oid in the corresponding TOAST table. It returns NULL on non-varlena input.

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