Selection of community modules for Prosody


This package contains extensions to the Prosody XMPP server. This is a selection of the community provided archive at

modules included:
  - mod_adhoc_blacklist: XEP-0133: Service Administration blacklist editing
  - mod_atom: exposes users microblogging on HTTP
  - mod_auth_ccert: PKI-style client certificate authentication
  - mod_auth_cyrus: Cyrus SASL
  - mod_auth_dovecot: dovecot authentication
  - mod_auth_ha1: HA1 based authentication
  - mod_auth_ldap2: another take on LDAP authentication
  - mod_auth_oauthbearer: authentication module for SASL OAUTHBEARER
  - mod_auth_sql: SQL Database authentication module
  - mod_blocking: XEP-0191: Blocking Command
  - mod_block_strangers: block messages from jids not in roster
  - mod_bob: cache Bits of Binary on MUC services
  - mod_broadcast: broadcast a message to online users, like mod_announce
  - mod_c2s_conn_throttle: c2s connections throttling module
  - mod_carbons_adhoc: XEP-0280: adhoc command for Message Carbons
  - mod_carbons_copies: XEP-0280: Message Carbons, v0 style copy support
  - mod_client_certs: XEP-0257: Client Certificate Management for SASL
  - mod_cloud_notify/mod_cloud_notify_encrypted/mod_cloud_notify_extensions/
    XEP-0357: Push Notifications
  - mod_csi_battery_saver/mod_filter_chatstates/mod_throttle_presence:
    XEP-0352: Client State Indication
  - mod_default_bookmarks: default bookmarks for users
  - mod_delegation: XEP-0355: Namespace Delegation
  - mod_firewall: block, bounce, drop, forward, copy, redirect stanzas
  - mod_host_guard: granular remote host blacklisting plugin
  - mod_http_libjs: serve common Javascript libraries
  - mod_http_muc_log: web interface to stored chatroom logs
  - mod_http_pep_avatar: serves avatars from local users who have published
    XEP-0084: User Avatar via PEP.
  - mod_http_upload: XEP-0363: upload files over HTTP for clients
  - mod_http_upload_external: XEP-0363: upload files over HTTP for clients
    to an external web server
  - mod_invites_api: authenticated HTTP API to create invites
  - mod_invites_page: generate friendly web page for invitations
  - mod_invites_register_web: register accounts via the web using invite
  - mod_invites_tracking: store, who created an invite which was used to
    create the user’s account
  - mod_ipcheck: XEP-0279: server IP check
  - mod_lastlog: stores the timestamp of when a user logs in
  - mod_lastlog2: records timestamps of various events
  - mod_lib_ldap: LDAP lib
  - mod_list_inactive: lists users, who haven't used their account in a
    defined time-frame
  - mod_log_auth: log failed authentication attempts with their IP address
  - mod_mam_adhoc: XEP-0313: adhoc command for Message Archive Management
  - mod_measure_active_users: calculates the number of daily, weekly and
    monthly active users (DAU, WAU, MAU)
  - mod_migrate_http_upload: mod_http_upload to mod_http_file_share migrator
  - mod_muc_limits: control the maximum rate of ‘events’ in a MUC room
  - mod_muc_log: logs the conversation of chatrooms running on the server
    to Prosody’s data store
  - mod_muc_log_http: provides a built-in web interface to view chatroom logs
    stored by mod_muc_log
  - mod_muc_moderation: XEP-0425: Message Moderation
  - mod_muc_restrict_avatars: add room configuration option to hide avatars
    of non-members
  - mod_muc_restrict_media: adds room configuration option to hide inline
    media and display links instead
  - mod_muc_restrict_nick: require MUC occupant nicknames to match a specific
  - mod_muc_restrict_pm: limit who may send and recieve MUC PMs
  - mod_muc_restrict_rooms: regexp based room restriction module
  - mod_muc_rtbl: subscribes to a real-time blocklist using pubsub
  - mod_muc_search: implements
  - mod_net_dovecotauth: server implementation of the Dovecot
    authentication protocol. It allows you to authenticate e.g.
    Postfix against your Prosody installation.
  - mod_net_proxy: implementation of PROXY protocol versions 1 and 2
  - mod_onions: allow federation (s2s) to Tor hidden services
  - mod_password_policy: password policy enforcement for Prosody
  - mod_pastebin: redirect long messages to built-in pastebin
  - mod_ping_muc: reacts to server-to-server connections closing
  - mod_privacy_lists: XEP-0016: privacy lists
  - mod_private_adhoc: retrieve private XML data via adhoc command
  - mod_privilege: XEP-0356: allows entity/component to have privileged
  - mod_pubsub_feeds: fetch Atom and RSS feeds, push to pubsub subscribers
  - mod_pubsub_mqtt: lets MQTT clients connect to pubsub nodes
  - mod_pubsub_serverinfo: expose server information over Pub/Sub
  - mod_pubsub_subscription: programmatically subscribe to updates from a
    pubsub node
  - mod_pubsub_text_interface: lets users manage subscriptions to pubsub
    nodes via simple chat messages
  - mod_register_apps: manage list of compatible client apps
  - mod_register_json: token based JSON registration & verification servlet
  - mod_register_redirect: XEP-077: IBR Registration Redirect
  - mod_register_web: web interface to register user accounts
  - mod_reload_modules: automatically reload modules with the config
  - mod_report_forward: forwards spam/abuse reports to one or more JIDs
  - mod_require_otr: enforce a policy for OTR-encrypted messages
  - mod_s2s_idle_timeout: close idle server-to-server connections
  - mod_s2s_smacks_timeout: closes s2s connections when a connection is
    broken or the remote server is not responding
  - mod_sasl2/mod_sasl2_bind2/mod_sasl2_fast/mod_sasl2_sm:
    XEP-0388: Extensible SASL Profile and
    XEP-0484: Fast Authentication Streamlining Tokens
  - mod_sasl_oauthbearer: RFC-7628: SASL mechanism OAUTHBEARER
  - mod_sasl_ssdp: XEP-0474: SASL SCRAM Downgrade Protection
  - mod_seclabels: XEP-0258: Security Labels in XMPP
  - mod_server_status/mod_stanza_counter: server status plugin
  - mod_spam_reporting: basic implementation of XEP-0377: Spam Reporting
  - mod_storage_ldap: LDAP storage (read-only) for rosters and vCards.
  - mod_support_contact: add a support contact to new registrations
  - mod_track_muc_joins: keep track of joined chat rooms
  - mod_turncredentials: XEP-0215: Implementation for time-limited TURN
  - mod_unified_push: implements a Unified Push Provider that uses XMPP to
    talk to a Push Distributor
  - mod_vcard_muc: set vCard for MUC rooms, e.g. for MUC room avatars
  - mod_vjud: XEP-0055: Jabber Search
  - mod_watch_spam_reports: handles incoming XEP-0377: Spam Reporting
  - mod_webpresence: display your online status in web pages

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