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comprehensive static Python code analyzer


Prospector analyzes Python source files and puts out information about coding errors, potential problems, convention violation and unnecessary complexity.

It provides an uniform and flexible interface for these tools:
 - Pylint (extensive Python code checker)
 - Pyflakes (checks Python code for logical errors)
 - Pycodestyle (checks for PEP-8 coding style conventions)
 - Pep8-naming (checks for PEP-8 naming conventions not covered by pycodestyle)
 - McCabe (checks for cyclomatic code complexity)
 - Pydocstyle (checks for compliance with the PEP-257 docstring conventions)
 - Dodgy (checks for hard coded passwords, VCS diff checkins etc.)
 - Vulture (scans Python programs for unused code)
 - Pyroma (Python packaging quality checker)

Prospector detects if code employs specific frameworks and libraries, and checks them by corresponding Pylint plugins:
 - Django (web application framework)
 - Celery (asynchronous task/job queue)
 - Flask (web application framework)

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