Thin, practical wrapper around terminal capabilities in Python2


Blessed is a thin, practical wrapper around terminal capabilities in Python. It provides:

 * Styles, color, and maybe a little positioning without necessarily
   clearing the whole screen first.
 * Works great with standard Python string formatting.
 * Provides up-to-the-moment terminal height and width, so you can
   respond to terminal size changes.
 * Avoids making a mess if the output gets piped to a non-terminal:
   outputs to any file-like object such as StringIO, files, or pipes.
 * Uses the terminfo(5) database so it works with any terminal type and
   supports any terminal capability: No more C-like calls to tigetstr
   and tparm.
 * Keeps a minimum of internal state, so you can feel free to mix and
   match with calls to curses or whatever other terminal libraries you
 * Provides plenty of context managers to safely express terminal modes,
   automatically restoring the terminal to a safe state on exit.
 * Act intelligently when somebody redirects your output to a file,
   omitting all of the terminal sequences such as styling, colors, or
   positioning. Dead-simple keyboard handling: safely decoding unicode
   input in your system's preferred locale and supports
   application/arrow keys.
 * Allows the printable length of strings containing sequences to be

This package installs the library for Python 2.

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