test configuration plugin for nosetests


nose-testconfig is a plugin to the nose test framework which provides a faculty for passing test-specific (or test-run specific) configuration data to the tests being executed.

Currently configuration files in the following formats are supported:
  * YAML (via python-yaml)
  * INI (via ConfigParser)
  * Pure Python (via Exec)
  * JSON

The plugin is meant to be flexible, ergo the support of exec'ing arbitrary Python files as configuration files with no checks. The default format is assumed to be ConfigParser ini-style format.

The plugin provides a method of overriding certain parameters from the command line (assuming that the main "config" object is a dict) and can easily have additional parsers added to it.

A configuration file may not be provided. In this case, the config object is an emtpy dict. Any command line "overriding" parameters will be added to the dict.

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