simple config file management library (Python 2)


python-reconfigure provides easy and uniform access to various kinds of configuration files, easily extendable with custom parsers.

Supported configuration files:
 * Ajenti (ajenti)
 * BIND9 DNS (bind9)
 * Crontabs (crontab)
 * Samba CTDB (ctdb)
 * ISC DHCPD / uDHCPD (dhcpd)
 * NFS /etc/exports (exports)
 * /etc/fstab (fstab)
 * /etc/group (group)
 * /etc/hosts (hosts)
 * iptables-save dump (iptables)
 * Netatalk afp.conf (netatalk)
 * NSD DNS (nsd)
 * /etc/passwd (passwd)
 * /etc/resolv.conf (resolv)
 * Samba (samba)
 * Squid 3 (squid)
 * Supervisord (supervisor)

Included parsers:
 * BIND9 config (bind9)
 * Crontab (crontab)
 * NFS Exports (exports)
 * .ini (ini)
 * iptables-save (iptables)
 * nginx-like (nginx)
 * squid (squid)
 * nsd (nsd)
 * CSV-like space-separated values (ssv)
 * JSON (jsonparser)

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