javascript minifier written in Python - Python 2.7


rJSmin is a javascript minifier written in Python. The minifier is based on the semantics of jsmin.c by Douglas Crockford.

The module is a re-implementation aiming for speed, so it can be used at runtime (rather than during a preprocessing step). Usually it produces the same results as the original jsmin.c. It differs in the following ways:

 - there is no error detection: unterminated string, regex and comment
   literals are treated as regular javascript code and minified as such.
 - Control characters inside string and regex literals are left untouched; they
   are not converted to spaces (nor to)
 - Newline characters are not allowed inside string and regex literals, except
   for line continuations in string literals (ECMA-5).
 - "return /regex/" is recognized correctly.
 - Line terminators after regex literals are handled more sensibly
 - "+ +" and "- -" sequences are not collapsed to '++' or '--'
 - Newlines before ! operators are removed more sensibly
 - Comments starting with an exclamation mark (!) can be kept optionally
 - rJSmin does not handle streams, but only complete strings. (However, the
   module provides a "streamy" interface).

Since most parts of the logic are handled by the regex engine it's way faster than the original Python port of jsmin.c by Baruch Even. The speed factor varies between about 6 and 55 depending on input and Python version (it gets faster the more compressed the input already is). Compared to the speed-refactored Python port by Dave St.Germain the performance gain is less dramatic but still between 3 and 50 (for huge inputs)). See the docs/BENCHMARKS file for details.

This package contains the Python 2.7 module.

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