framework for taking care of a bunch of boilerplate in Python2 apps


Scruffy is a framework for taking care of a bunch of boilerplate in Python apps. It handles the loading of configuration files, the loading and management of plugins, and the management of other filesystem resources such as temporary files and directories, log files, etc.

A typical use case for Scruffy is a command-line Python tool with some or all of the following requirements:

 * Read a set of configuration defaults
 * Read a local configuration file and apply it on top of the defaults
 * Allow overriding some configuration options with command line flags
   or at runtime
 * Load a core set of Python-based plugins
 * Load a set of user-defined Python-based plugins
 * Generate log files whose name, location and other logging settings
   are based on configuration
 * Store application state between runs in a file or database

This package installs the library for Python 2.

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