Python 2.7 bindings for interacting with Vagrant virtual machines


python-vagrant is a Python module that provides a _thin_ wrapper around the `vagrant` command line executable, allowing programmatic control of Vagrant virtual machines (boxes). This project began to create Python bindings for Vagrant to programmatically access vagrant boxes using Fabric. This module is useful for:

 - Starting a Vagrant virtual machine (VM) (`up`)
 - Terminating a Vagrant VM (`destroy`)
 - Halting a Vagrant VM without destroying it (`halt`)
 - Querying the status of a VM or VMs (`status`)
 - Getting ssh configuration information useful for SSHing into the
   VM (`host`, `port`, ...)
 - Running `vagrant` commands in a multi-VM environment
   ( by using `vm_name`
 - Initializing the VM based on a named base box, using init().
 - Adding, Removing, and Listing boxes (`box add`, `box remove`,
   `box list`)
 - Provisioning VMs - up() accepts options like `no_provision`,
   `provision`, and `provision_with`, and there is a `provision()`
 - Using sandbox mode from the Sahara gem:

This package is _beta_ and its API is not guaranteed to be stable. The API attempts to be congruent with the `vagrant` API terminology, to facilitate knowledge transfer for users already familiar with Vagrant. Over time, the python-vagrant API has changed to better match the underling `vagrant` CLI and to evolve with the changes in that CLI.

The package version numbering is in the form `0.X.Y`. The initial `0` reflects the _beta_ nature of this project. The number `X` is incremented when backwards-incompatible changes occur. The number `Y` is incremented when backwards-compatible features or bug fixes are added.

This package provides the Python 2.7 module.

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