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Zzzeek's Sphinx layout and utilities


This layout is first and foremost pulled in for the SQLAlchemy documentation builds (and possibly other related projects), but is also usable as a standalone theme / utility set for any project.

Features include:

 * uses Mako templates instead of Jinja, for more programmatic capabilities
   inside of templates
 * layout includes an independently scrollable sidebar
 * unique (to Sphinx) “contextual” sidebar contents that shows the current
   page in context with all sibling pages
 * modifications to autodoc which illustrate inherited classes, bases, method
   documentation illustrates if a method is only inherited from the base or
 * “dynamic base” feature that will, under ReadTheDocs, pull in optional
   .mako and .py files from the website of your choice that will serve as an
   alternate base template and a source of extra config setup, respectively,
   allowing the layout to be integrated into the layout of an external site
   when viewing on the web
 * “viewsource” extension that can provide highlighted sourcecode to any
   Python file arbitrarily
 * SQLAlchemy-specific stuff, like the [SQL] popups, the dialect info
 * scss support using pyscss

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