Python3 bioinformatics utilities for high-throughput genomic sequencing


This package contains utilities like
 biotools.align - align sequences (hybrid between Needleman-Wunsch and
                  Smith-Waterman which is used to find the subsequence
                  within a larger sequence that best aligns to a reference)
 biotools.annotation - create annotation files. The annotations can be used
                       to create a hierarchy among the annotations
 biotools.BLAST - manage BLAST databases and interface with the BLAST+
                  standalone program available from NCBI.
 biotools.clustal - interface to clustalw global (multiple nucleotide or
                    peptide sequence alignment)
 biotools.complement - creates the complement of a sequence, which can then be
 biotools.sequence - various tools to deal with sequences
 biotools.translate - translate a nucleotide using the standard genetic code

This package contains the Python3 module.

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