Python port of the fzy fuzzy string matching algorithm


pfzy is a Python port of the fzy fuzzy string matching algorithm.

Key Features:
 - Fuzzy String Matching: pfzy enables fuzzy string matching, allowing you to
   find approximate matches for a given query within a set of strings.
 - Asynchronous Fuzzy Matching: pfzy includes an asynchronous fuzzy match
   function, making it suitable for high-performance applications and
 - Fzy Scorer: The package provides a fzy scorer for calculating fuzzy string
   match scores, aiding in ranking matches based on their similarity.
 - Substring Scorer: An exact substring match scorer is also available,
   allowing for precise substring matching.

While the popular fuzzywuzzy Python package performs fuzzy string matching, it lacks the ability to calculate and provide matching indices. pfzy is built on the fzy algorithm, which not only calculates matching scores but also offers matching indices, making it ideal for fuzzy finder applications.

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