contains the ReportLab accelerator module


rl_renderPM is a package containing the ReportLab accelerator module _renderPM which can be used to speedup the functions.

The python bitmap render module can either use rlPyCairo, pycairo and freetype-py or rl_renderPM + built in freetype libraries.

The choice is made by overriding the reportlab.rl_settings module value _renderPMBackend using one of the settings files reportlab/, or ~/.reportlab_settings, which are searched for in that order.

The default value of _renderPMBackend is 'rlPyCairo', but it can be set to '_renderPM' to use this extension which is based on an older library libart_lgpl.

Deprecation notice: -------------------

As from version 4.0, the package python-reportlab removes the renderPM extension which lets one create bitmap versions of complex graphics. It now uses other python libraries which wrap up freetype, the font rendering engine, so that one doesn't need to worry about linking to it. Under the hood it uses PyCairo as a renderer by default (rather than the no-longer-supported libart), and freetype-py to render text glyphs. See more at:

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