Software Defined Radio (SDR)


Quisk uses ALSA sound drivers or PortAudio and offers these capabilities:
 * Quisk can control the HiQSDR.
 * As a receiver it can use the SDR-IQ by RfSpace as a sample
   source. There are several decimation rates available. The QUISK
   receiver will read the sample data, tune it, filter it, demodulate
   it, and send the audio to the sound card for output to external
   headphones or speakers.
 * As a receiver it can use your soundcard as a sample source. You
   supply a complex (I/Q) mixer to convert radio spectrum to a low
   IF, and send that IF to the left and right inputs of the sound
   card in your computer. The demodulated audio goes to the same
   soundcard for output.
 * Quisk can control SoftRock hardware for both receive and transmit.
 * As a transmitter it can control an SSB/CW exciter and a
   transceiver using Ethernet.
 * As a transmitter it can accept microphone input and send that to
   a transmitter for SSB operation. For CW, QUISK can mute the
   audio and substitute a side tone. Quisk can send transmit data to
   your sound card for use with SoftRock or similar.

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