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interactive visualization of macromolecules

interactive visualization of macromolecules


QuteMol is an interactive, high quality molecular visualization system. It exploits the current GPU capabilities through OpenGL shaders to offer an array of innovative visual effects. QuteMol visualization techniques are aimed at improving clarity and an easier understanding of the 3D shape and structure of large molecules or complex proteins.

Qutemol uses advanced OpenGL techniques and might not work correctly with all video cards and drivers.

Features QuteMol offers include:

 * Real time ambient occlusion
 * Depth aware silhouette enhancement
 * Ball-and-stick, space-filling and liquorice visualization modes
 * High resolution antialiased snapshots for creating publication
   quality renderings
 * Automatic generation of animated gifs of rotating molecules for
   web page animations
 * Interactive rendering of macromolecules (>100k atoms)

QuteMol reads PDB files as input.


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