Immunoglobulin Clonal Lineage and Diversity Analysis


Alakazam is part of the Immcantation analysis framework for Adaptive Immune Receptor Repertoire sequencing (AIRR-seq) and provides a set of tools to investigate lymphocyte receptor clonal lineages, diversity, gene usage, and other repertoire level properties, with a focus on high-throughput immunoglobulin (Ig) sequencing.

Alakazam serves five main purposes:
 * Providing core functionality for other R packages in the Immcantation
   framework. This includes common tasks such as file I/O, basic DNA
   sequence manipulation, and interacting with V(D)J segment and gene
 * Providing an R interface for interacting with the output of the
   pRESTO and Change-O tool suites.
 * Performing lineage reconstruction on clonal populations of Ig
   sequences and analyzing the topology of the resultant lineage trees.
 * Performing clonal abundance and diversity analysis on lymphocyte
 * Performing physicochemical property analyses of lymphocyte receptor

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