authoring books and technical documents with GNU R markdown


The bookdown package is a GNU R package that facilitates writing books and long-form articles/reports with R Markdown. Features include:

 * Generate printer-ready books and ebooks from R Markdown documents.
 * A markup language easier to learn than LaTeX, and to write elements
   such as section headers, lists, quotes, figures, tables, and
 * Multiple choices of output formats: PDF, LaTeX, HTML, EPUB, and Word.
 * Possibility of including dynamic graphics and interactive
   applications (HTML widgets and Shiny apps).
 * Support a wide range of languages: R, C/C++, Python, Fortran, Julia,
   Shell scripts, and SQL, etc.
 * LaTeX equations, theorems, and proofs work for all output formats.
 * Can be published to GitHub, bookdown.org, and any web servers.
 * Integrated with the RStudio IDE.
 * One-click publishing to https://bookdown.org.

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