GNU R ChIP-seq processing pipeline


R package for anlaysis of ChIP-seq and other functional sequencing data
 * Assess overall DNA-binding signals in the data and select appropriate
   quality of tag alignment.
 * Discard or restrict positions with abnormally high number of tags.
 * Calculate genome-wide profiles of smoothed tag density and save them
   in WIG files for viewing in other browsers.
 * Calculate genome-wide profiles providing conservative statistical
   estimates of fold enrichment ratios along the genome. These can be
   exported for browser viewing, or thresholded to determine regions of
   significant enrichment/depletion.
 * Determine statistically significant point binding positions
 * Assess whether the set of point binding positions detected at a
   current sequencing depth meets saturation criteria, and if does not,
   estimate what sequencing depth would be required to do so.

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