backup program with multiple revisions, encryption and more


restic is a program that does backups right and was designed with the following principles in mind:
   - Easy: Doing backups should be a frictionless process, otherwise you might
be tempted to skip it. Restic should be easy to configure and use, so that, in the event of a data loss, you can just restore it. Likewise, restoring data should not be complicated.
   - Fast: Backing up your data with restic should only be limited by your
network or hard disk bandwidth so that you can backup your files every day. Nobody does backups if it takes too much time. Restoring backups should only transfer data that is needed for the files that are to be restored, so that this process is also fast.
   - Verifiable: Much more important than backup is restore, so restic enables
you to easily verify that all data can be restored.
   - Secure: Restic uses cryptography to guarantee confidentiality and
integrity of your data. The location the backup data is stored is assumed not to be a trusted environment (e.g. a shared space where others like system administrators are able to access your backups). Restic is built to secure your data against such attackers.
   - Efficient: With the growth of data, additional snapshots should only take
the storage of the actual increment. Even more, duplicate data should be de-duplicated before it is actually written to the storage back end to save precious backup space.

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