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collection of useful extensions to the Sinatra web framework


sinatra-contrib is a collection of common extensions to the Sinatra web framework, semi-officially supported:
 - capture: Let's you capture the content of blocks in templates.
 - config_file: Allows loading configuration from yaml files.
 - content_for: Adds Rails-style content_for helpers to Haml, Erb,
   Erubis and Slim.
 - cookies: A cookies helper for reading and writing cookies.
 - engine_tracking: Adds methods like haml? that allow helper methods
   to check whether they are called from within a template.
 - json: Adds a #json helper method to return JSON documents.
 - link_header: Helpers for generating link HTML tags and
   corresponding Link HTTP headers. Adds link, stylesheet and prefetch helper
 - multi_route: Adds ability to define one route block for multiple
   routes and multiple or custom HTTP verbs.
 - namespace: Adds namespace support to Sinatra.
 - respond_with: Choose action and/or template automatically depending
   on the incoming request. Adds helpers respond_to and respond_with.
 - custom_logger: Allows one to define their own logger instance.
 - decompile: Recreates path patterns from Sinatra's internal data
   structures (used by other extensions).
 - reloader: Automatically reloads Ruby files on code changes.
 - extension: Mixin for writing your own Sinatra extensions.
 - test_helpers: Helper methods to ease testing your Sinatra
   application. Partly extracted from Sinatra. Testing framework agnostic.

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